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Buttonlok  - Metal Products Specialists has manufactured and marketed the “Button-Lok” Staging System since 1981. It is the only system designed specifically for the unique applications of ship building and related marine industries. Using sound stud welding methods during installation, customers recognize “Button-Lok” as the fastest and most cost-effective staging system on the market. Each staging component exceeds all OSHA requirements, and there has never been a staging-related injury or failure of any kind. Our customers report dramatic reductions in staging costs while increasing the safety of the work environment for their employees. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Maritime Administration and the U.S. Navy, use of the Button-Lok System reduces staging costs by 83%, compared to traditional staging methods.
ASMET  - ASMET was established in 1986 as the company manufacturing nuts and bolts. At present, ASMET Group is one of the largest Polish enterprises offering comprehensive services as regards supplies of fastener elements for construction, power, petrochemical, automotive, machinery and electronics industries.
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DARCO  - DARCO company has been established in 1992, though its origins are much older. In the very beginning, in 1979, there was a small shop, owned by Mr. Henryk Darlak, the father of Jozef Darlak, future founder of Darco. They both started producing roof coverings, gutters and hooks out of sheet metal. This kind of products are no longer manufactured, as the company in 1992 switched the production to ventilation and chimney technologies. That year chimney liners and first rotary chimney cowls were introduced. Until now the chimney cowl-Turbowent is the most recognised Darco product on the market.

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ALTRAD-Mostostal  - Currently the ALTRAD-Mostostal’s product range include: scaffolding, formwork, debris chutes, lifts, and other building site equipment. A team of technologists systematically introduces novel building solutions, while experienced sales specialists offer you quick and professional help. Our products are the results of many years of research and experience in the field and our customer’s observations. The products guarantee high quality, functionality and safety. All products have been issued safety certificates by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Warsaw, Poland.
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