2014 ZPHU "JOBIMET" Jozef Bardlowski
The Universal container KU-500

       The universal container is used to the transport of builder's materials, rubble and also to the transportation of solid and friable fodders . Container is made from the sheet of steel 2 mm thick. The maximum load capacity of the cart - 500 kg. Feather-edge of sides is protected with the gasket, additional strengthening is gained with the rod (diameter 5 mm). Torsional tail wheels (the diameter O160mm) with brake empower free drive,  four upper handles make easy the transportation of this container with the crane on any height.  We offer firely zinc-plated  or powder coating verions of this container.

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Transporter of plates TP-250

       This trannsporter is intended to the transportation all manner of of plates: carpenter`s, plywoods and the plaster board. After the arrangement serves as the table: for cutting plates or assembly. Made from steel profiles with form of the grate, powdercoated. The base is made from two co-operative parts articulatedly. Pneumatic wheels (O260 - O320) are improving driving ability. Thanks to used latch there exists the possibility of settings of he frame in the horizontal position - ideal to assembly works. The lifting capacity to 200 kgs.

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Transporter of windows and doors TOD-250

       The conveyer serves to the transportation of heavy windows, internal door of the store {magazine} as and on the construction. Executed in the form  of the platform with incursion reels  to inserting of the load (door, windows). Thanks of the special lever easily  lowered  and raised . To translocating serve 2 pneumatic circles of the diameter O400. The load in plumb-line fastened is by means the crowd with regulated a height. Straight  in the service, indispensable to the transportation. The lifting capacity max. to 250 kg.

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       The Hydraulic cart WH -1500

        The Hydraulic cart can be used to transport materials in factories. Made from powdercoated steel profiles.Torsional front and the back improves abiliti to the free transport loads. The rack of the cart could be raised thanks to the use of the special system requipped into the hydraulic syste . Additional handles make easy tu put on the cart the palette with materials. The  cart is equipped in wheels diameter O400 mm full or pneumatic. The maximum carrying capacity of the cart - 1500 kgs.
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Hydraulic tables lifter  PP-50

       The raiser of Plates is intended to raising all manner of plates cardboard, plaster, OSB etc. Thanks to using of the suitable  raising system there exists the possibility of the elevation of the plate on different height 4-3 meters. The rack in the shape of the long-drawn-H letter it improves  the stability of raised material.

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        The tool chest SN-S/SN-J

       The tool chest serves to the storage and the transportation of tools and materials on the builiding sites. Used by electricians, plumbers, ironworkers and welders. Chest is made from the sheet steel 2 and 3mm thick. For moving chest there are four wheels (diameter O200 and 4) catches to the lifting. Inside the box is found the shelf for small elements. Chest is equiped into the special safe lock. Powdercoated on the colour RAL 5015 or any other colour.
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