2014 ZPHU "JOBIMET" Jozef Bardlowski

       Gridiron is made from the high-grade of acid-resistant steel. Basic advantage of  Gridiron is the rotary broach with specific handles - forks, the moveable steel-meshed grill. Handy rack on products used to the dishes  and it also has large fuel tank. Thru to using of the regulation, there exists the possibility of the changing grill height. Our product is ideal to the use in various gastronomic premiseses even for many guests.

Tourist grill  (foldable)

       The foldable grill was made from the high-grade acid-resistant steel and is equipped in the meshed grill witch possiblity of regulation at three degrees of the emplacement. Suitable joining technique empowers the simplicity and speed of folding up. After folding up grill don`t take many place in the boot. Additionally, exists the possibility of installing legs, it puts grill on appropriate height. Ideal for home use as  on the picnic.

Yacht grill

       Due to construction - this grill is intended to use on yachts, boats etc.  Yacht grill has specific tubular fastening which makes possibility of fitting with specially designed handles. Applied handle with the blockade empowers safty of exploitation in difficult conditions. Excessive heating of the reservoir is decerased by using the additional metal sheet - with hearth on the greater height grill obtained the free circulation of air. There is the possibility used of additional special fastening.

Kettle Type Grill

       The container in the form of the cylinder - volume 40 Litres -  made from  of acid-resistant steel. Steadied on the specific stand causes for a possible heating up with the gas burner.

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ZPHU "Jobimet"
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